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God wants all of us to make our own decisions. He has placed desires of our own to be our individualism that we can use to glorify him. The toughest decisions are because he asks us to sacrifice. As we give something up it takes our will to give all the glory to God. Can you love someone then that you will never be more than friends or brother/sister in Christ. YES! True love is giving of yourself and placing others before yourself and placing that self wants in the back burner. God is PEACE he gives us this when we give all ourselves to him. When in communion listen to the words how he gives us peace and when we aren’t in peace we aren’t to leave his presence weather in prayer or church or wherever until he has given you the peace. As when your not in peace he is calling for more from you. He is letting you know that you are putting yourself before him and he wants to make us happy in any decision that we make. Such he gives us the peace so we do not suffer. Finding out what you need to sacrifice cannot be found any other way than through God! Phillipians 4:6! Humble your self and come to God as a child with the love of his Son and let him bestow the peace on you!

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Hi everyone. Michael is traveling and will post again when he gets internet. In the meantime, check out some of our past travels.

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Sunday July 23, 2017

So as I stated yesterday today is a finalizing part of yesterdays journal entry. First I want to tell you that the altitude here is

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