Sunday July 9, 2017

Sunday July 9, 2017

The sun is rising and I cannot sleep. I am excited, nervous, and encouraged by the way God has worked to make this trip come to fruition. I am so blessed and thankful for all of you! Take a moment and realize that through your prayers, encouragement, love, and continuing financial gifts this mission is greater than just one person. We are about to change the lives of the people of Peru and the lives of the people we contact each day. I am so thankful to be your brother. As I laid in bed unable to sleep, I realize that the road ahead is going to be a hard and challenging one. Yet through the preparation God has shown he has given me strength to take a step. This is OUR first day of reinvigorating the desire and passion to show people to Christ.

Now what we have done I am so humbled to be able to share with you an amazing story that happened as well have been preparing for this Lima trip. When looking for housing for the next year of my school year, God was leading me to change my environment. So I asked my fellow student believers if anyone knew or was looking for an apartment for the following year. A great friend and man I look up to gave me the number of a gentleman that he said, “Really needs God in his life”. Without a thought I reached out to him and he declined my offer to live with myself and the fellow FOCUS missionary. Yet in the conversation he talked about how he was trying to get a piano he recently bought into his apartment. As I hung up the phone I realized I missed a chance to be a light in his life. So I called him back and asked if he would like my help moving the piano into his apartment. He was shocked and very enthusiastic about it and was relieved that I could help him. So I went. I moved the ridiculously heavy piano up narrow stairs to the second floor of his apartment with a fellow friend. Thinking that after I applied the Icy Hot to my back upon returning home that was the last contact I would have with the man. Instead, He was on my heart and I was praying for him each day. Then when I was doing the Dinner to raise money for the mission trip and serving everyone. I gave a brief or at least brief for me talking, testimony about why I feel God leading me down this path to Peru and missions instead of the lucrative internship I was offered for the summer. I shared my heart with total strangers that were feeling lead to see what the hype was all about. I remember thinking after, what did I say? God please make sure I didn’t sound like a buffoon. Later that night I received a text message to get coffee with Piano Man. As I arrived he caught me by surprise and asked me to train him. He said, “I am a terrible person and have done awful things”. Suddenly I was overcome and just spoke without thinking and feeling so sure in my reply saying that I am a terrible person as well. No one is better or on a pedestal over someone else. Each day we wake up we are able to give our hearts to showing the light through our words and actions. Each day we are able to try again and change our failures to accomplishments that we can be proud to carry daily. After two hours have gone by debating the evidence of God and Christ. I walked him through questions of history and if he could disprove the basics of creation, Christ, and God. I explained that I could give him facts but that ultimately he was the one that could make the decision of what was mentality, chance, and Grace. After this talk I realized what I wanted to do and felt like I was about to be the most cliché Christian. I wanted to ask him if he wanted Jesus in his heart. I felt like a hallmark movie in my head and said a prayer for God to form the words for me. I asked are you sure you want my guidance? I asked if he would be willing to try a way that might make him uncomfortable and awkward.  I asked if I could be there walking by his side through any and all challenges that he faced. Then I asked him if he would be willing to pray with me. I explained to him that this was a big deal. A giant step in searching for answers and that I wanted to commemorate it. I explained that I wanted to do something unordinary to show the significance. So I drove him to the church to the 24-hour chapel and we prayed together. As we were praying I felt the tugging of God talking to me. So I asked him questions throughout the prayer such as, “would you open yourself to God, as he has changed my life?” I asked if he believed that Jesus Christ was a man? I prayed that Jesus had changed my life and made me his brother and would he like Jesus to change his life? It was so natural and fluid that I didn’t realize that I asked if he wanted Jesus to come into his heart. He answered so swiftly that he wanted that and that he wanted to become that man that is good and righteous.

LIKE GOD YOU ARE GREAT! I am so humbled how you work. We all of us are apart of this man’s journey back to which he was created! We were able to walk with him and help him through some of the smallest ways and God had planted seeds through all of you to bring him to Jesus. I wanted to share this with you as I am calling for massive help and prayer through the month of challenges for both you and myself. I am asking for you to post and share your heart and challenges of your daily mission with me. Today I will be flying to Mexico City after a 10 hour delay Ill be flying to Peru. I challenge you to pray for our missions in our lives for the next month and to make a greater impact on the lives we touch.



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  1. Have you had an experience like this? What did God teach you? Where can we use this to do better in our lives?

    Can’t wait to see your comments!

  2. I am so blessed every day when I read your accounts! Things you are facing in your mind each day as you work are things I face in my mind each day also. Your insight and what you gain from your prayers with God are eye opening for my own experiences. Each day I feel renewed to read your posts and apply God’s grace to my life also. Continued prayers during your journey and I hope you continue to see God move in your life. I love mission trips and the recentering on life they bring.

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