Friday July 21, 2017

Friday July 21, 2017

I feel like all I do is travel anymore. I feel as if I have been all around this country now. The initial idea was to help the people in the area and now God has been leading me everywhere! Today I am heading into the main land East of Peru by about 4 hours. I am building a House for two boys. There family came all the way to Callao where I am at to find me and ask for the help! Like how? God I barley speak the language and want to help but the productivity level I am having is ridiculous. We finished his house structure in one day! The pace of this is crazy. The family then wants to thank me and shows me some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen. They show me these pyramids that are in the middle of the mountains that most never see. I feel like every kilometer is drastically different that the last in a repeating fashion. How can such a beautiful place be so poor? As I am finally starting to settle down and relax the grandfather comes to me and asks if I can help his family on Saturday, as I had to head back to the house due to it being Shabbat! I explain that I don’t have anything planned as of yet for the next day and where is his family. He explains its outside of Cuzco! Wait the 14 hours car ride away?????? You cant be seriously, I am starting to miss way too many words as he speaks and cant stop thinking that this is impossible for me to do. He asks me a question about when I leave and I explain that I leave next week and say yes to his questions about how then all the sudden he types on his phone and shows me a plane ticket to Cuzco for the morning. I agreed to go and the flight is only an hour and a half. So I arrive even farther way from Lima and away from any English-speaking people. (I thought) Then I arrive and help them place a roof of their families house. I am in contact through whats app with Father Etiene from Callao and he tells me that I should visit Machu Pichu on Sunday as it’s a day of rest anyway. So I agree to stay and decide to meet the local people in the town as it is very small outside of Cusco which is quiet big. The last part of the Journal I will talk about tomorrow as it’s a day of sight seeing but God taught me something that is so valuable that I have been even writing about and didn’t realize.

How many times have we accepted to do things that we were unsure of and turned out to be amazing?

Why is it that we put stipulations on Gods plan because we envisioned it differently?

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