Monday July 24, 2017

Monday July 24, 2017

I made it back to Lima again! I feel like I start this in every journal entry now haha. In prayer this morning before I left I wrote down very different questions that normal. It wasn’t my normal same prayer that God has been morphing into an answer for me but it was new as in, Who can I impact most at home? How do I go about even thinking of this? I know that alone I can influence no one but who is God calling me to? Why is it that God cant have that person reach out to me? Why is it that I cannot hear the thoughts and questions all of you are giving to me. I am still just learning a disciple in training. I want to continue to grow and develop but I am not ready to cast a stone at someone else? I am not ready to just be able to know who this is Christ is supposed to lead it and deal with it if Im willing? So why is god bringing this to me? I don’t know the answer yet. I am still listening for God to interpret that for me. Yet as I returned I took the new girl into the city to see the sites as its not safe for her as a woman who speaks bad Spanish like me to go alone on a bici. I got so excited as this country has placed such a blessing on me about the churches that I loved the most and the musems and hours later we had to return home as it was almost dark and riding all the way back takes at least an hour to hour and a half. She was so joyess and willing to take risks as (even riding a bici in this country is scary) and experience all she could with the people. She has no Fear, she felt God lead her here and just gives it up without even understanding it? Isnt this was God calls of us to have CONFIDENCE is what he is calling us to do? I have a lot of confidence in 99 % of my life but part of the area I hold my reservations is definalty in what God is calling me to do , because I get scared how crazy I sound or if I go the wrong way, or if it was just my desire and not God calling me?

Tell me what you think? How are you changed by God? How does God talk to you?

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