Richness in Helping the Poor

Richness in Helping the Poor

Abject poverty. Starvation. Gangs. That’s what called Michael to Peru where he spent the summer of 2017. After earthquakes caused severe flooding, many poverty-stricken areas needed help badly.

Approximately 75 percent of the Peruvian population lives in Lima, but Callao is one of the poorest places. Michael went to there to help the community build houses, mend fences, and build irrigation ditches with a shovel. While in Callao, he made connections with people and shared their lives. He learned of others who needed help in additional remote regions and travelled there to help them.

Over the summer, he shared people’s lives and listened to their stories. He connected with the poorest of the poor in ways that changed his life.

“It was a lot of hard work but it was good to be part of their lives, to help them, make connections and work with people in rural areas,” Michael said. “I felt I got more out of it than what I gave to them.”

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