Sunday July 23, 2017

Sunday July 23, 2017

So as I stated yesterday today is a finalizing part of yesterdays journal entry. First I want to tell you that the altitude here is insane! The air is very thin. Second WOW! I cannot describe the beauty of this place in words. The feeling and the astounding part of these mountains of the Incas!

Now I will get back to what I wanted to discuss with you. God has been teaching me about simplicity. Anyone that knows me know that I want to do everything. I am about creating, giving, and achieving the most with this life God gave me. Yet in this place even though I had been able to do so much there is so much I cannot do. Yet with everything stripped away of non-essentials I am in more happiness that I can imagine. The answer of how to stay so connected when I return has to deal with simplicity. Here I haven’t showered In two days, washed my hair in four days, had my butt not hurt from riding a bicycle for hours, eat food that makes me have a solid bowel movement, watch television, talk with my friends when I want to, or even hear silence for once! Yet God is truly my father to me right now! Not a rule maker, not making me a slave. I wake up on a small bed or piece of floor grab two pieces of bread for breakfast, eat rice for lunch with maybe a potatoe, eat a banana, work all day, travel most the time, find time for God in prayer, go to church in a language I barley keep up with and feel exhausted by 8pm every night. Yet part of me doesn’t want to return to the lounge of luxury I have at home. You all have the hardest part of this mission trip. Here I am forced to live like this and just accept it. Yet when I return home am I going to be able to not get distracted? Our first steps in our Journey is to find our simplicity in Jesus as we share in the blessing we have of extras. We need to make sure that we are seeking him each day first and then enjoying what he has given us. We must find that relationship each day with Jesus and that closeness before we pre-occupy ourselves with work and school.

Take time and reflect how you can make your life simplistic in searching for God and he will give you time to enjoy the blessings we have.

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