Tuesday July 11, 2017

Tuesday July 11, 2017

Today I want to describe just what it is like here. When I arrived the priest and I had a very hard time getting a taxi to the church because as the taxi driver said,” It’s the second most poor in all of lima”. Once we finally arrived at the church Parroqura Maria de Dios, which is huge with a fence surrounding it. I noticed the rotten food stands on the street corner, people walking with stained and tattered clothing. Dog’s that are homeless….so many dog’s. Houses with pieces falling off of them and houses not fixed very well. Yet people walking around with no destination until nighttime. The church is three floors with a man’s side and women’s side and three chapels. It is built with bare minimums and is nothing fancy outside of the chapels. An example is my room, which is big enough for a small table and twin bed that is short as my feet hang off. The walls are very thin as you will not be able to find silence at any moment. There are gangs about a kilometer away and no one goes out after 9pm. They stay mostly on the north side of the hill overlooking Peru to sell drugs. The food here is mainly rice and different types of paste. We heat the three-day-old rice in the microwave everyday. We also have drinking water that is in thermoses as it is always scolding hot. The bathrooms have no toilet seats so I am developing leg muscles. There is also a 24 hour adoration/prayer room which is very respected in the community and very gorgeous. The sky is a permanently grey and looks to have not seen sun for months. Also it does not rain much here as the desert or dust build up is everywhere. This is the place that I was lead too! The sisters and brothers are very energetic and are very patient with me as my Spanish is far from fluent. They like to make jokes and moonwalk frequently. They are filled with God’s love and happiness. The people here are so excited to meet new people and share their passions about God. Last night while I tried to sleep all I could hear was praise and worship music downstairs till I feel asleep. With all of these things and lack of amenities I feel so much peace and happiness here. I slept better last night than I have in years at home. It makes me remember how fortunate I am to have the things that I do but also that I don’t need them.  Going without a lot of things yet the blessings of God are immense!

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  1. Mike. I’m praying for you. You are taking on a heavy cross and making a difference in this world. Take it one day at a time and I want you to know that your strength helps me back here in the land of plenty. I don’t know what else to tell you except that your thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and let the Holy Spirit do it’s work through you. When you describe the conditions it’s brings the memories back of when my brother Father Richard Olona spent three years in Chimbote Peru setting up a hospital and ministry to the poor. I could not believe the stories of extreme poverty and political strife. It’s was a culture shock for him and for me especially when he would come back home for short visits. It changed me for the good. It made me realize just how good I had it here in the USA. But it really made an impact in my spiritual journey. I’m proud of you. And I know that your changing lives for the better. Your doing what our Lord wants us to do. God bless you man! Hang tough and don’t despair. Your going to go through so many transitions. Focus on the one thing that keeps us all as one…Our Lord Jesus Christ. Everything else is just noise. Easy for me to say… talk to you soon!

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