Wednesday July 19, 2017

Wednesday July 19, 2017

I am traveling to the outskirts of the town again to the North side this time. The area is a rocky and like a desert. The roads have holes everywhere and the people’s clothes are black from work and not washing them. Today I am visiting a kids school. I am playing sports with them and then I am giving my testimony in Spanish. I am very nervous as my world and theirs are very different and I am hoping that they can relate I was in great spirits till I arrived. Upon arriving I was taken aback. I noticed five kids with no arms. I wanted to ask what had happened but didn’t want to bring attention to it. I started my testimony and my pronunciation was so bad that they couldn’t understand. Yet I had written it in Spanish and the teacher read it for me as I sat in front of them.  As I was sitting there I was just watching their faces hoping that they could gain something or connect with How Jesus has changed my life and what I have learned to this point in my life. The kids were in a trans focusing on the teacher and I was trying to follow along with my English version of the written testimony. At the end they asked me all kinds of questions. Like how I became comfortable enough to try all of the things I have done to have I thought of becoming a priest! The questions were so cute as they just wanted to know more about me. As I got up and was about to leave they were so sad that I was leaving and would not be back. They were begging me to return and I told them that I might but I am not sure when. As I was leaving a boy with no arms ran up to me and was so happy. He laid his head on my chest and asked me to come back. As I glanced down onto his head he looked up and asked me about my spots on my arms. When as I grew up did it get better, when was I comfortable with it, when was I not worried how others looked at me! This is the only physical struggle in vanity that I ever faced. I never cared how good looking or what others thought other than wishing that I looked like everyone else with my spots coming to light every summer when I tanned. I kneeled down to speak with him and through my bad translations I just let him know that to me it shows that I am different and not like everyone. That I was made in Gods image and that it makes me feel special now that I realize that its only looks. I explained that I forget about it a lot too as it only comes to my attention again when someone asks. Yet the people who love me and care for me don’t even recognize it as its Just me. He quickly yelled thank you as he ran to play soccer.

When in our life did we value so much what others thought of us? When do we think their opinions about our image was more important than our Fathers or our own? No matter what you look like the person inside of you is what your determined by. If someone is questioning how you look by physical appearance on what you were made to look like then their probably isn’t a lot of love there! God says he is love and love is defined as four things

Being known

Placing someone before yourself

Being cared for

Being happy

Are you being loved? How are you showing love?

Michael Jackson

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