Exalting Jesus Life Missions, we are a missions organization. And this is what we believe: 

1. The Bible, the word of God from Genesis to Revelation is absolutely, irrefutably true and without any error. It is wholly given to man from God as a manual for life and a standard by which all truth is measured. 

2. There is only one God. By Him and for Him all things are created. He manifests Himself in three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. God in the person of Jesus Christ came down to earth, born, lived, died, rose again and ascended to heaven, being fully man and fully God yet without sin.

4. By His death and Resurrection Jesus Christ provided Redemption, Eternal life and Salvation (justification, sanctification, glorification, healing and many wonderful blessings of sonship) for all that will believe and surrender lives to Him.

5 The person and baptism of the Holy Spirit (and all that He brings) is provided and required for all that believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior for victorious living and effective ministry.

6 Jesus Christ the son of God is coming back again to this earth. There will be a taking away of His people to be with Him and a consignment of those who rejected Him in the lake of fire.  There will be two eternal and permanent destinations for every human being, one group in the presence of God and the other in the Lake of fire. 

In the light of above 6 core beliefs below are our core duties. 

7 Love. Love is our life. Loving God and all people passionately, sacrificially and practically. Without love our profession is nothing. We will passionately pursue, preach and live out the Love of God, through Christ who strengthens us.

8 Faith. ABSOLUTE and TOTAL trust in God and His Word, the Bible is our weapon and life tool. By faith we access God’s promises by which we inherit His life and all His wonderful provisions. Without faith we cannot please God. We will patiently and perseveringly pursue, preach and live by faith through Christ who strengthens us. 

9 Holiness. Holiness is our lifestyle. We will obey God, nothing less will do. We reject, turn away and ABSTAIN from EVERY sin, appearance and real. God is holy and without holiness we cannot see Him. We will uncompromisingly and relentlessly pursue, preach and walk in holiness every day, through Christ who strengthens us.

10 Winning and discipling souls among the nations for Christ, establishing them in the grace of God; is our full-time job. This is our life mission. We will desperately and daringly risk everything but Christ to LEAD MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO KNOW, RECEIVE AND FOLLOW CHRIST AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR ALL THEIR DAYS, through Christ who strengthens us.

11 Prayer and Intercession 

Prayer is the engine room that activates, empowers and sustains every other part of our core values. Without ongoing, non-stop prayer and fasting we only have mere letters, vain dreams and wishful thinkings. To stop praying is to start dying. Our goals and visions are born, refined and executed through prayer and fasting. It is in Prayer and through prayer that God works in and through us to change us, preserve us and transform the world around us through us. Prayer is inevitable in the establishment of anything with eternal value. Therefore we as a ministry and individuals will give ourselves to non-stop praying. 

12 We must preach the word of God fervently. We must preach it clearly. We must preach it humbly. We must preach it compassionately. We must preach it prophetically. We must preach it faithfully. We must preach to the poor and to the rich. We must preach to set the captives free.

We must preach to warn and preach to comfort. We must preach to challenge. We must preach to encourage. We must preach to rebuke. We must preach to edify. 

We must preach the word to bring healing. We must preach it to bring repentance. We must preach it to build faith. We must preach it until faith comes into hearts for the manifestation of God’s promises in every area of life. 

We must preach it to train. 

We must preach Christ. We must boldly preach His life, preach His words, preach His works, preach His suffering, preach His death, preach His blood, preach His resurrection, preach His power to save completely those that come to Him by faith. We must preach His ascension. We must preach His second coming. 

We must preach in season and preach out of season. We must preach when in pain and preach when all seems well. We must preach the word when it is received and preach it when it is rejected. 

We must regularly bath ourselves in  fasting, prayer, fully cloth in the power and oil of the Holy Spirit, and preach with great authority.

We must preach to Exalt the name of Jesus and denounce the works of darkness. 

Our words will be a lifeline for those lost and drowning in darkness. Our preaching will save many and also save us. 

We must not be silent or tone it down. We can not be muted by any powers or principalities, visible or invisible. We will never recant the truth or apologize for it. We will preach it again and again and again, even if it means the loss of everything, including our lives. 

We must preach the word of God in love. 

We must Preach about eternity. We must Preach about heaven. We must Preach about hell. 

We must preach hard and clear to the saints and to the sinners. 

We must preach it, calling the saints to unceasingly watch and pray. Charging them to stay in the narrow way, to fix their eyes on Christ, their faith in God and be always filled with the Holy Ghost, giving themselves to good works and to winning the lost at all cost. 

We must preach the word, warning the lost to run for their lives. Calling them to escape from the everlasting furnace of the lake of fire, to embrace Christ today as Lord and savior, and enter into a new life while there is still time.

We must never underestimate the wonderful power contained in the declaration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the mighty living Son of God. 

As we preach and teach the whole counsel of God and we must never ever forget to especially preach and teach men, women and children how to love God and love each other. 

The owner of the heavens and the earth, the king of all kings has commanded us to preach Christ in all nations. By His grace we will obey Him no matter what the cost maybe.