Uganda 2023


This month, June 2023, we will be taking 70 young Christian graduates who are on fire for God, to northern Uganda for a 100 days to love, give humanitarian help, evangelize and disciple the Sudanese refugees. This team will be fed and taken care of for those days. Their transportation fares and tickets to Uganda and within Uganda will all be paid for by Life Missions.

In this trip, we want these young people to catch the fire for souls in the process of helping the refugees.

For more, you can watch this powerful interview video. Prophetess Elizabeth Garcia interviews Rev. Michael and Rev Angela Christisking concerning their journey with God over 27 years and the assignment the Lord has given them for mobilizing Africa. Watch HERE


The Refugees system and the problem of mass population displacement is a problem here to stay until Christ comes.

In fact the signs that Jesus told us will signal His soon coming are the very things that cause the displacements of the peoples of The world.

By present calculations the displaced people population jumped from 89 million (PRE-USA exit from Afghanistan, pre-russia Ukraine invasion, pre-Turkish mega earthquake), to 115 million people as we stand today.

Experts Project that at this rate we will have over 200 million displaced people in 10 years or much less.

When certain population are displaced there is an immediate rush to send help by governmental and non-governmental organizations but soon they are almost forgotten even though their situations has not changed

Such is the fate of the 32 million displaced people of Africa. Almost forgotten. Living in camps in very remote hard reach places. There is rarely any consistent focused strategic outreach.

Because of security, high transport cost and other issues some of these camps have become a complete no-go areas for outside individuals and organizations.

Thank God for the highly rationed meals from the United Nations they at least have physical sustenance.


I dare to argue that there are no people or communities on planet earth that are more open to the gospel than displaced people. This open heart and hunger for God should never be taken for granted because it will not last for ever.

Reason 1
Many of them have lost everything and their world is shaken, lives broken, emotionally hopeless and they need real answers to their Ten Thousand questions.

Reason 2
They need Love. Real, genuine, no strings-attached, persistent and stubborn love. The kind of love that only Jesus can truly give through those that have encountered Him.

Reason 3
They are not distracted by the many things that distract us in the real world. This makes Discipleship easier in the displaced people camps.

Reason 4
Over 50% of most of the displaced population are under 18 years of age. These are the tender age when hearts are still very much softer, reachable and Teachable.

Reason 5
Up to 94% of older adults are women. Women are more open to the gospel, especially when there are no men to hinder or distract them.

Reason 6
Many displaced people from other religions end up in Christian countries where there are no anti-christian laws to hinder the preaching of the gospel as they have in their native countries.

Reason 7
The great fear of persecution that once hindered potential converts in their native lands from turning to Christ does exist in most camps. New believers are bold and free with their faith.

Reason 8
We will have the great privilege of training many refugees in many areas of vital survival, life, income making, industrial and community bettering skills.

Reasons 9
We will comfort, encourage and make life-long friends with and learn from the Refugees. We will see them regain their dignity and become effective surporters of their families and contributors to the society.



Our goal is to make sure
That every REFUGEE and IDP

1. Gets a Bible in a language they can read, understand and cherish.

2. Comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the son of God and is Baptized in the Holy Spirit.

3. Gets an a chance to be discipled and established in the grace of God.

4. Is trained as a leader to continue the work among the Refugees. And hopefully be equipped enough to be a leader & a missionary in other refugee camps.

5. Gets some food and other basic needs met, as the Lord enables us.

6. Gets an opportunity to be trained in some skill for future self supporting income earning work.

7. We also want to establish a 24/7 prayer and mission base among the Refugees.

8. We want to challenge, train and prepare the missionaries we are taking to see, and play their role in reaching the lost billions among the nations for Christ.


When our eyes were opened to the need and opportunities among the displaced peoples of the world. We made up minds under the Lord’s leadership to turn what satan designed for evil for their lives into the best experiences of their lives.

1.We Started doing research to know more about these communities and the people that populate them.

2.We then started sending out teams for short term explorative visits.

3. By May 2022 we had gathered enough information to begin planned out reaches. We started in Uganda. Our June 2022 visit had a team of 12 missionaries, we visited 13 refugees camps (ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 refugees per camp) in Northern Uganda, Adjumani district.

We distributed over 5000 Bibles as in New testaments, Book of John and Romans, and full Bibles combined.

We personally and in meetings evangelized about 30,000 people.

Over 1200 people gave their lives to Jesus.

All this within a period of 14 days. Because of budget constraints we have kept our much needed outreaches and planned Discipleship work very short.

By December 2022 we followed up with Christmas with the Refugees outreach. This December outreach was incredible and focused mostly on women.

4.For effective Discipleship purposes we have recruited and are training 12 highly qualified, Spirit-Filled indigenous leaders.

We are training these leaders to strictly focus on Discipleship making, Discipleship multiplication and discipleship establishment among the Refugees.

Our desire and goal is to see the church among the Refugees
Self governing
Self propagating
Self sustaining
Spiritually, economically and otherwise


In 5 years or much less, using the 1.5 million refugees in Uganda as a test case.

1.Every refugee in Uganda will have his or her copy of the Bible

2. Much of the Refugees population have personally experienced the life transforming grace of the new birth in Christ and filled with the Holy Spirit.

3. Many of the believers in Christ among the Refugees have been fully Discipled and grounded in their faith.

We are confident enough that we will accomplish these goals


1.We are mobilizing short term missionaries. This will help us with Bible distribution, evangelism and aid distribution. So we are challenging every Born Again, Spirit-Filled, University/Bible College graduate to GIVE ONE YEAR of their lives to full time missions and consider doing it for a life time. This will help us mobilize millions of workers into the harvest field of the Lord.

2. We have recruiting and are training full-time indigenous Spirit-Filled leaders who will disciple and train leaders in among the Refugees in every camp who will train and disciple other refugees and on and on, until the whole camp is fully discipled.

3. We are working in partnership with like minded local Born-Again church network of Uganda we seek reach and disciple the Refugees in their communities.

4. We are trusting God for the faithfulness of our Bible translators, printers and supply partners.

5. We are trusting God for His supernatural provision necessary to make to make this possible.

To accomplish the above we need a pool of laborers, supporting churches and partnering organizations.


If you’d like to join us physically you can do so in Adjumani, Uganda.

If you can’t come, you can donate to send those who will be in the field.