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Life Missions is currently mobilizing 1000 young graduates from all over Nigeria. This is a volunteer opportunity to go preach the gospel and share the love of God to the ends of the earth. We are currently focused on reaching the over 1,500,000 refugees in Northern Uganda. 

A team of 53 volunteers were in Northern Uganda from the August – October, 2023. If you’d like to join us for the next Missions trip in 2024, please fill this form below and our staff will contact you if you’re selected.

Anyone can apply, but our priority is to young graduates who are either yet to go for the NYSC or who have passed out of NYSC in Nigeria. If you’re not in Nigeria, you can still apply. 

No matter the ministry gift or calling you have, you can serve in several capacities. We need those who have children ministry, youth ministry, teenagers’ ministry, intercessors, evangelists, media, tech experts, educators, etc. Apply now.


Q1. What is the Ugandan Missions all about?
A. It is a faithful response to the great commission that Jesus gave to us as His church. We are taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Refugees in Uganda. We will serve, love and take them through discipleship for Jesus.

Q2. Where are we traveling to for this missions trip?
A. We are traveling to Northern Uganda, the West Nile Region.

Q3. What organization is organizing this missions?
A. Exalting Jesus Life Missions (EJLM) or Life Missions for short. This mission organization is based in the USA, in Nigeria and Uganda. EJLM was founded by Michael and Angela ChristisKing. They are presently Assemblies of God USA credentialed ministers. They have been full-time missionaries for over 27 years. EJLM was founded to give God’s people everywhere the chance to obey God by taking the gospel to the ends of the earth beginning with their neighborhood.

Q4. How long will this Missions be?
A. We’re asking you to give about one year to Missions. This particular missions trip will have 3 months of training in Lagos and 6 months in Uganda.

Q5. What is the timeline for this particular missions trip?
A.. Training begins August – October, 2024
We’ll be in Uganda November 2024 – May 2025

Q6. How are we traveling?
A… We will fly from Nigeria to Entebbe, Uganda. Then we will take ground transportation for a few hours to the West Nile Region. When returning, we will do the reverse; ground transportation to Entebbe, Kampala, then fly back to Nigeria.

Q7. Where in Nigeria do we depart from?
A. We leave for Uganda from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

Q8. Will the organization cover the cost of transportation from where I reside to Lagos?
A. No. We want you to trust the Lord for your personal needs including what it will cost to transport yourself to Lagos.

Q9. How many people are traveling for this missions trip?
A. Our present estimate is that about 1000 people will be on this trip from Nigeria to Uganda. More people will join us in Uganda from other locations.

Q10. If I cannot travel, what can I do to help?
A. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!! for us.
Help us raise funds for this trip.
Give, ask others to give, put us in contact with others who can give.

Q11. Where can donations be sent to help support this trip?
A. Exalting Jesus Life Missions Access Bank PLC, Naira account 1696524148, Dollars account 1700192943, Pounds account 1703583197, Euros account 1698984483,

For PayPal account follow link below,

For USA donations
Exalting Jesus inc
Chase bank
account # 339605062
Routing # 111000614

Zelle 5719699850 or [email protected]

For other donations from outside Nigeria or maybe your options are not above please contact us WhatsApp +1571 969 9850 for further information.

Q12. What if I don’t have money, Can I still go on this trip?
A. As long as you meet our basic criteria: truly born again, spirit filled, literate, a graduate of Bible college, colleges, universities or polytechnics, and willing to fully serve the Lord with us at this time, your lack of money will never be a hindrance.

Q13. What are we going to be doing in Uganda?
A… We will be serving the Lord amongst the Refugees in Northern Uganda. We’ll be doing LIFE. L – Showing Love, I- Intercession, F- Follow up ( Discipleship) and E – Evangelism.
I.e Loving the refugees in the name of Jesus, intercession, missions training, medical outreaches, giving out food and other welfare material, giving out Bibles, preaching the gospel, training young believers, women outreach, youth outreach, children outreach, discipleship training, leaders training, skill acquisition etc.

Q14. What if I need to return back to Nigeria before the scheduled return date?
A… Our main team WILL BE REQUIRED TO STAY FOR AS LONG AS WE WILL BE STAYING. NO EXCEPTIONS, except there is a verified extreme emergency. But some people will sponsor themselves and make their own arrangements to accompany us as support on this trip but may not be able to stay. We will not sponsor this category of people. We heartily welcome short-term support.


Q15. Can I invite my friends to join the trip?
A… Yes. Infact, we encourage you to invite persons you know are qualified. But invite them today so we can all go through the same training process together.

Q16. How do we know individually that we’ve been selected for this mission?
A… When you fill the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Click confirm.
You will receive another email to join the groups. If you don’t see an email check your spam folder.

Q17. What are we required to do as we wait?
A. You are required to:
Fast at least once every week for this trip
Pray fervently
Raise supports for your personal needs
Start preparing and buying things you will be needing both for the camping and for the trip to Uganda.
Join every daily group and general weekly meetings
Get your documents ready!!!

Q18. Is there any age bracket for this trip?
A. Yes, our interests are young graduates between the ages of 20 to 35 years of age. We’ll make some exceptions to take some seasoned leaders and missionaries.

Q19. Is there any monetary compensation or payment after this missions?
A… No. THIS IS PURELY VOLUNTARY. No one is getting paid for their time and service on this trip.

Q20. Will we all be preaching in Uganda or will we be functional in different areas of speciality or gifting?
A… We will do our best to fix each person into their areas of specialty, but everyone will share the gospel.

Q21. What are the different demographics of people we’ll be meeting? Adults, Children or youths?
A… There are 1.5 million refugeewill see mostly children and women, s in Uganda. At the West Nile Region, where we will be serving there are over 900,000 Sudanese Refugees in 50 Settlement Camps. About 50% of them are under 18 years of age, 94% of those over 30 are women. So yes, we and men as well. If you have any skills or tools for children ministries, they will be highly needed.

Q22. What language will we use to communicate to the refugees in Uganda?
A…. English, Maadi, Dinka, Kuku, and Nuer. Don’t worry we will have interpreters when necessary.

Q23. What are the mandatory documents we must have to make the trip?
A…. International passport and yellow fever vaccination card.

Q24. What is required from me to join the team?
A…. Born Again, Spirit-Filled, Graduate, a letter of support from a Parent or guardian, a letter of support from a spiritual authority, a signed commitment that you will work with us as a team member from the beginning to the end. We believe in the move of the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues as a way to purify and refine ourselves for the work of the Lord.

Q25. While waiting to travel, how can I help with general preparation?
A…. We will call you to ask for your help in whatever place we may need it. For now, engage in fervent prayer and fasting for the trip, get your documents ready and be active in your online groups.

Q26. Is Uganda safe?
A… Yes

Q27. What are the safety measures being taken to ensure our safety?
A…. Prayer and fasting. We also have our EJLM local Ugandan team who are working day and night with federal and local authorities to make sure that we will be safe and catered for before and during our stay there.

Q28. Are there any rules in Uganda that we need to take note of?
A…. we will discuss this in due time.

Q29. What if I don’t want to come back to Nigeria at the end of the trip?
A…. Our commitment to the government of Uganda will not allow us to have this option at this time. We guaranteed them that we will come and leave with all our teams, duly, as they have granted us permission. Anything otherwise (unless they change the terms) will be considered a breach. We will never break our commitment to the office of the prime Minister of Uganda.

Q30. Is there electricity where we are going?
A…. On this trip, we will be staying with the Refugees within the camp. There’s no electricity within the camps. But we’re trusting God to provide solar power for each camp.

Q31. What kind of vaccinations must I have to travel?
A…. Yellow fever vaccines: one dose is good for many years. Get these ASAP; they must be in your system at least 2-weeks before traveling.

Q32. How much will it cost to have Yellow Fever vaccination?
A…. Yellow fever vaccination costs about 2500 naira depending on the state. You can get it in the Airport Health Center or A Big General Hospital.

Q33. Will we need to get the vaccination ourselves or is there provision for it by this missions body?
A…. Each person will get his or her own vaccinations.


Q34. Do we need visas to get into Uganda?
A…. Yes

Q35. Where and how do we apply for Ugandan visas?
A…. When our documents are ready, the organization will apply online for everyone. Uganda is now offering E-Visas applications.

Q36. What if someone gets sick, are there treatment facilities available?
A…. Yes.
If you have any pre-existing health issues. PLEASE LET US KNOW AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

Q37. Are we all going at once to Uganda or will it be in batches?
A…… As a team we will all go together. This is the plan.

Q38. Will we need to get an international passport ourselves or is there provision for it by this missions body?
A…We are asking everyone to stretch their faith, raise funds and believe God for their own international passport. But air tickets, accommodation and feeding will be provided for by the organization. Lack of money is not going to be an obstacle. We are very confident that everyone will make it.

Q39. What if I’m unable to foot the bill for my passport?
A… The organization, by the grace of God will be willing to help individuals who are unable to get their passports.


Q40. What if the organization helps in processing my passport and I’m unable to go for the missions?
A… You will be required to refund the organization the cost of processing your international passport.

Q41. Are we going to pay for Shelter and Food in Uganda?
A… No. As long as you are part of the team, EJLM will pay for the ground transports, the shelter, and the food in Uganda.

Q42. Where are we going to sleep during this Missions?
A…. Accommodation arrangements are being made as we speak. There is no need to worry about your accommodation.

Q43. What about food?
A…. Full Breakfast and Dinner are guaranteed every day, unless there is a time of agreed fasting. We will all trust God for lunch and snacks.

Q44. What materials, like clothing should we pack along for the mission?
A…. Please pack light clothings. It is hot in Uganda. Also take one or two sweaters because some nights can be cold.
Take along sunshades, umbrellas, hats, sunscreen or anti-sun burn creams to protect you from the sun.
Take your private things including towels and washcloths and favorite covers. If you can, pack a small health kit. Diarrhea, malaria, pain, band aid etc. As well as your personal hygiene items.
As much as possible, Pack light!

Q45. Is there safe drinking water in the Refugee Camps?
A…. Yes

Contact us: Call or WhatsApp +2348125471727